Get Your Time Back by Focusing on the Who Not the How

Running an agricultural business is difficult, especially with a limited team. If you’re currently trying to do everything yourself, you’ll run out of steam quickly.

Spreading yourself thin by putting all the weight on your shoulders won’t do anything for your business. With all the ongoing work you have to do, and all the customer requests, invoices, and staff needs you have to take care of, trying to do it all yourself won’t work – it’ll only wear you out. 

When you started your business, you had to do everything yourself because that’s all you had. But you’ve grown over time, gained more customers, generated more profit, and become a pivotal company within the agricultural industry. 

So if you have a limited team or limited time, yet you’re still trying to juggle everything, you’re only going to burn out and fall below your competition. 

Now is the time to focus on your business. You don’t have to do everything yourself anymore.

So, if you’re still sitting down to take on all the work by yourself and you’re stuck wondering how you will overcome this amount of work – stop and think. 

It’s time to stop thinking about how you will do it and instead think about who you can get on board to help you with all this work. 

Today we’re going to show you how you can stop focusing on how you’re going to get all the work done and instead think about who you can find to get the job done for you. This will allow you to focus on more important things like growing your business and taking time off to relax. 

‘Who, Not How’ – how does it relate to the agricultural industry?

Who Not How‘ is a fantastic book by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. It talks about how you should stop thinking about how you will complete your mountain of tasks and instead think about, “Who can help me achieve this?”

When faced with complex tasks and difficult challenges, we always stop to think about how we will overcome them but rarely consider the second option of who we can get to help us with this task. 

What would happen if you suddenly started focusing on ‘who’ instead? 

You would find yourself surrounded by dedicated employees ready to do the work you need done and help you free up your time. 

When focusing your efforts on the who not how method, you’ll have to take a big step back from the daily operations of your business. Sure, you’ll still be there. It’s your business, after all. But to succeed, you must stop micromanaging everything and multitasking to get things done yourself. 

You must let the who do the how and trust your team to do their job. You don’t have to oversee everything they do anymore. 

Your team is there to help you. They’ve all got a job to do, and they excel at it. So if you want this to work, you must leave them to get on with their work so you can grow your business.

How do you get the right ‘who’ for the job?

Finding the right person for each job can be difficult, but it doesn’t always have to be. 

Here are a few steps to make discovering the right who easier than you might think. 

  • Study your business goals – find out what jobs need filling.
  • Audit your business processes – what takes the longest amount of time?
  • Discover who can help you achieve these goals.
  • Look at the people already working for you – can they take over another responsibility?
  • Post job offers if you can’t find the appropriate fit within your company.

Getting an already loyal employee to take care of a task for you will cut down on the time and money you spend searching for new hires. 

But you’ll have to hunt for somebody new if you don’t have somebody who can take over the available positions.

What are the benefits of adding to your team?

Finding new staff members to help your business succeed online can be difficult. Finding the right fit for your company takes a while, after all. This is why so many agricultural businesses see finding new staff as unnecessary because they could do the tasks themselves and save time. 

But there are a lot of benefits to finding the right who for your how. It might sound like a lot of effort to locate the perfect fit, but it will be worth it. 

Here are four benefits of finding the right employees to help you get your time back and grow your business. 

1.  Create more time for yourself 

Finding the right ‘who’ for your agricultural business will allow you to have more time to focus on more important things. Things that only you can do to help your business grow and improve in the industry. 

This includes working on your business instead of working in your business. For example, you’ll have more time to network, find more clients, learn new things, and provide a higher quality service. 

It’ll also help you get more time for yourself and your family. By shifting work that’s holding you down, you’ll have more time to do what you love. 

Don’t push yourself to your limits. There are only so many hours in a day, and you don’t have to spend every one of them working on your company. 

2.  Improve your profits

Finding the perfect someone to do all the jobs that take up too much of your time will free up your time, allowing you to focus on more high-value work. 

By handing over jobs like:

  • Updating your website
  • Managing social media 
  • Sending out invoices 
  • Engaging with clients online

You’ll be able to complete more essential tasks that will help you improve your profits and bring more business into your company. 

Plus, the more time you have to take of yourself, the less burned out you’ll be and the easier you’ll be able to make strategic business decisions.


3.  Build more relationships

Building relationships is key to growing your business, and with more time at your disposal, you’ll be able to foster relationships with the people who genuinely value your skills. This includes relationships with clients, industry experts, and your employees. 

If you’re busy running around and taking care of every little task, you won’t have time to build relationships with people who matter. Only when you’ve found the perfect ‘who’ for your tasks will you be able to expand your business and network more with your peers. 

4.  Set bigger and better goals

Finally, finding the right person to be your ‘who’ will allow you to achieve bigger and better goals. It will help you work towards becoming a prominent figure within the agricultural industry. 

Once you have the help you need, you’ll be able to focus on setting bigger goals for your business and yourself. You’ll be able to collaborate with others and grow your business until you become the go-to company in your niche. 

‘Who not how’ is a valuable way of thinking for your business and personal life. You’ll be able to gain more time, money, relationships, and goals. Finding people to care for the little things will positively impact your business. 

If you want help figuring out what you need to do to create more time for your business and yourself, then our team will help you out. 

We specialize in helping agricultural businesses succeed online. Get in touch with the team at Agriculture Marketing Systemtoday to plan how you will find the right Who for your How. 

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