Kahntact dominates Best of CAMA 2020

Wow, that was a good afternoon.

Last Thursday, at Best of CAMA 2020 (Canadian Agri-Marketing Association), we won the most awards of any organization.

It was an especially fulfilling afternoon since we won awards across digital marketing, display advertising, web-site design and other marketing disciplines. We’re integrating cutting-edge digital know-how with deep knowledge of the agriculture industry and our clients are benefitting.

Anyone in communications knows that clients get the work they deserve. It takes a good briefing, courage to try new things, and strong teamwork for an agency to really hit its stride and deliver the best results.

We won awards for multiple clients including FMC, Utensil.ca, the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, and Food Day Canada. The awards were for work done in the livestock, crops and food and beverage industries.

“This is the most awards we’ve won at CAMA but more importantly the marketing tactics we’re deploying are producing real, quantifiable results,” says Krista Henry, marketing communications manager at FMC.

Among the 14 awards, Kahntact won “Best of Show – Public” for work done with AdFarm on behalf of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and their “Eating Beef Can Heal the Planet” campaign. Kahntact also won in other categories including website design, social media campaigns, crisis communications, multimedia campaigns and persuasive writing.

Here’s a list of all our awards:

Best of Show – Public
Eating Beef Can Help Heal the Planet (Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef)

Multimedia Campaigns – Total Budget of $200,000 – $650,000 (Certificate of Merit)
Take Flight with New Command Charge Herbicide (FMC)

New Product Launch/Introduction (Certificate of Merit)
Introducing Intruvix (FMC)

Unique Execution
Go Way Beyond Glyphosate – With FMC (FMC)

Unique Execution (Certificate of Merit)
Command 360 Herbicide (FMC)

Corporate Identity (Certificate of Merit)
Kahntact (corporate re-brand)

Crisis Communications, Issues Management, Government Relations
Pass the can (FMC)

Persuasive Writing (Certificate of Merit)
2020 Nourish Trend Report (The Nourish Network/Kahntact)

Blogs (Certificate of Merit)
The Huddle (FMC)

Advertorials (Print or Digital)
Command 360 Herbicide (FMC)

Website (Certificate of Merit)
Utensil.ca (Loft32 and Fresh Air Media/Kahntact)

Social Specialty (Certificate of Merit)
Cleaver Fever (FMC)

Website Directed at the General Public
Eating Beef Can Help Heal the Planet (Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef)

Website Directed at the General Public (Certificate of Merit)
Food Day Canada (Loft32 and Kahntact)

Source: agriculture marketing company.com

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