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Engaging audiences on social media  

The topics that are investigated by Anna in ‘Divide’ are incredibly complex but could only be skimmed over on social media due to the fast-paced, snappy nature of these platforms.

As Emily Davies explains, social media is fantastic for breaking information down into bitesize, easily consumable snippets and certainly can help to make a story or product go viral – so it does have a place.

In the last year, we’ve seen some fantastic social media campaigns such as the Weetabix and Heinz collaboration, which ignited a magnitude of engagements on Twitter.

This campaign was fun, engaging, followed a light subject matter and the imagery told the story. The first post in the campaign has to date been retweeted over 37,000 times, quoted 68,800 times, and received 131,000 likes. Brand awareness of Weetabix was also thought to have increased by 40% compared to the year previous.

When looking at social campaigns in the agricultural sector, the subject matter is often much more serious than in the Weetabix campaign, but this doesn’t mean that agricultural social campaigns can’t be just as engaging or successful. Each year our social feeds are filled with people supporting the important Farmers Guardian #Farm24 campaign, which aims to showcase the dedication of British farmers and the crucial role they play in producing our food.

In 2021, the campaign achieved the number one trending spot on Twitter and 4,500 people shared messages of support for the campaign, including celebrities Sara Cox and Tom Kerridge, and even Boris Johnson.

Both these example campaigns highlight that the secret to a successful social campaign is to receive a wealth of engagement that combined would probably fill a book!

These viral campaigns were able to reach a wide range of audiences and likely helped each organisation to promote their message much further than if they were to just utilise traditional media such as print or broadcast.

At Pinstone, we have also seen how far social media can reach, as in 2021, Pinstone managed social media channels reached 9.5 million combined total impressions which was much higher than the industry average. This shows the full potential of social media when utilised correctly.

Hopefully, with the help of social media, Anna will be able to get ‘Divide’ in front of a much broader audience and we will all be able to benefit from opening up the conversation on the urban-rural divide.


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