Meat Business Women – Meet Rebecca Morgan

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Tell us about how you got to where you are today? What was your career path and how did you end up in your current role? 

While completing my degree in Animal Science at Harper Adams, l didn’t really have a clue what path my career would take. At the time, all I knew was that it would have something to do with food and farming – a deep rooted passion of mine stemming from my upbringing on our family beef and sheep farm.  

Fast forward a decade or so and I’m very pleased to say I have successfully carved a career in the heart of agricultural working for specialist PR agency, Pinstone.   

I first joined the company as a junior account executive in 2010, not really knowing exactly what the job would entail. I had done a stint of in-house marketing, but PR and agency life was all new.  

I soon discovered that the job was a great fit for me and have been there ever since, with Pinstone affording me a progressive career in a sector that I truly love.   

Despite juggling a family and farm life at home, I’ve had the opportunity to move up the ladder at Pinstone thanks to continual business growth. When I joined, we were a four-person team and now, over 20 women make up Pinstone’s client consultancy team. An incredible achievement on all accounts.    

Over the years, I’ve progressed from account executive to account manager and currently account director, a position I’ve held for the last four years.



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