Farm brands (even yours) can attract money

WestJet, Molson, John Deere… it’s easy to rhyme off some iconic brands. If you close your eyes you can even picture their logo or corporate colours. Dig a little deeper and you recognize that you even have some feelings about the companies around you.

If you search the word “brand”, you’ll find close to a billion references. Len Kahn says the definition he likes is “a collection of perceptions in the mind of a consumer.”


Len talked with Shaun Haney of on the Mind Your Farm Business podcast about farm brands. It’s obvious why a farm that sells direct to consumer would want to build a well-known trustworthy brand. But what about a commodity cash crop farm?

Kahn says there’s a simple reason you should think about your farm brand, no matter what you’re selling: Brands attract money. 

Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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