September Calendar: Farm Marketing Made Easier

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I don’t think this was the best summer for many farmers. In the mid-Atlantic we were dealing with either too much rain or not enough and oppressive heat. And I so feel for the farmers out west who are dealing with wild fires and the resulting smoke.

The weather is never perfect…but as they say, if it were, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

Putting these calendars is a lot of fun and I owe a mountain of credit to Miss Becky Jones who has stepped in to give me a hand over the last few months. Just having a second set of hands to do, eyes to spot mistakes,Ā and ears to listen to my endless to do list has been an enormous help to me this summer.Ā 

The idea behind the calendar was to make farm marketing a little bit easier for folks. Or marketing any business in general really. It’s tough to think of what to post when you’re in the trenches of the day to day routine. But it’s important to stay engaged with your audience and to be mindful of relevant trends and happenings.Ā 

Becky helped me compile this list for September and we hope you find it useful!

I’d love to hear about anything else you might need, so please let me know!

September “Holiday” Calendars for Farmers & Small BusinessesĀ 

As a friendly reminder, you can download my social media calendar template here.


Week Observances in September

  • National Waffle Week, September 2-8

  • Farm Animal Awareness Week, September 15-21

  • National Dog Week, September 23-29

Special “Holidays”

  • 9/3: Labor Day

  • 9/5: International Day of Charity

  • 9/6: Read a Book Day

  • 9/11: Remembrance Day

  • 9/13: Positive Thinking Day

  • 9/16: National Guacamole Day

  • 9/20: National Teach Agriculture Day

  • 9/21: International Day of Peace

  • 9/22: First Day of Autumn

  • 9/24: Family Day

  • 9/25: National Cooking Day

  • 9/26: National Pancake Day

  • 9/29: National Coffee Day


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