Rocking Your Agribusiness Product Launch

rocking-your-agribusiness-product-launch.jpg.jpegLaunching a new product in agribusiness requires more than just a standard product marketing strategy. To be successful in agrimarketing, B2B marketers need to mentally place themselves in the mind of the buyer (in this case, distributors and retailers) and what speaks most to their target audience. The agribusiness buyer is extremely results focused – so high level messaging or theoretical product promises will not resonate with this group. As we all know, agrimarketing can be a sleight of hand in certain circumstances, but we have seen time and time again that when it comes to B2B marketing, results are king!

Key elements to consider when creating your agribusiness product launch strategy:

  • Define your audience: Inagribusiness, your target audience can be either the end user or a business who is recommending your product to their end user. Keep in mind that ideally, any communication or product specifics you can communicate to set your customer up as a success to their stakeholders will ultimately win and retain a happy buyer.
  • Define your messaging: Creating product messaging that is feature and benefits focused, while also demonstrating results, is the best strategy for this particular industry. In B2B marketing, specifically agriculture, keeping the message to the point, as well as relatable to the audience is key. For example in agribusiness, including thorough yet succinct application instructions and product ratios are helpful for the end user.
  • Establish value (outside of pricing): While it may be atypical to put product application photos on product packaging or in-store displays, in agribusiness, seeing that the proof is in the pudding is what will win business. Some cynics may say, “That’s just a photo of grass or a plain field, how will that communicate what we need?” The key is to provide a progress perspective with the product, demonstrating what it can do for your agribusiness from start of usage to finished application.
  • Create product differentiation: Marketing a product that may fall into the noise of an over-saturated market can be extremely difficult because you are immediately asked for proof of product and return on investment.Ag buyers are concerned about bottom line, so while the product investment may be more than what they are used to, as long as it delivers what is promised, then they will return to you.
  • Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: Ag buyers, while open to new products, need to immediately be enticed by value as well as implementation of product, since ultimately, that is what they are responsible for. For example, end users need to know how much of the product is required for their complex agriculture project, which includes considerations such as terrain, slope, precipitation and soil density.

Agrimarketing is an increasingly growing market, yet very few players in the business seem to do it well. By following the above outlines when creating your product marketing plan, you will find that these tools will be imperative in a successful product launch. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty (specifically in soil) and do the campaign its due diligence.

Check out this case study from Agrium to learn more about agrimarketing product launches.


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