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How is it June already? And I promised I’d have this released before today, but alas.

My goal when I started this company was to be a resource for farmers and small business owners. This month, I’m trying something new and I want to know how you like it!

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is time. And I’ve said it before, planning is everything. It can be difficult to make the time to plan, but when you do, you’ll find it saves you time in the long run. Planning also helps you solidify a strategy so that your marketing efforts are cohesive.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “That’s all well and good, but I don’t know what to post.” I’m going to try and help with that. I created a set of Instagram posts that you can download and weave into your social media marketing on those days when you’re at a loss. You can also find a calendar below of key “holidays” so that you can identify which ones matter to your business and stay relevant online.

Plus, you can download my free social media marketing calendar template to help you organize your efforts.

A New App You’ll Love

I’ve also been using a new app that I LOVE called Plann which allows you to visually plan and organize your instagram posts. You can upload up to 30 images per month on the free plan and organize them to plan out your month’s worth of posts and create a cohesive brand look. Definitely check it out!

All This Good Stuff is FREE, But…

This is all free, but I do have an ask. If you like these resources and find them helpful, please consider making a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Your donation will help my very good friend Parker Welch who is running for LLS Eastern Shore Man of the Year. It will also help the thousands of people who are affected by blood cancers. Money helps raise awareness for LLS and contribute to cancer research efforts.Ā 

My company made a $250 donation to LLS on Parkers behalf. I’d be so honored if you could help me match that. It would only take 50 people giving $5 each.Ā 

Go here to make a secure donation:Ā http://pages.mwoy.org/md/mdes18/jtiralla

And if it’s not in your means to make a donation, please still grab the free resources and say an extra prayer for those who are affected by cancer.

Now, for the freebies!

June Marketing Calendar Key Dates

  • June 1: National Donut Day
  • First full week in June: National Gardening Week
  • June 3: National Egg Day
  • June 4: National Cheese Day
  • June 5: World Environment Day
  • June 8: National Best Friends Day
  • June 9: National RosĆ© Day
  • June 10: National Herbs & Spices Day
  • June 10: National Children’s Day
  • June 11: Making Life Beautiful Day
  • June 14: National Strawberry Shortcake Day
  • June 17: National Eat Your Vegetables Day
  • June 17: Father’s Day
  • June 21: First Day of Summer

June is also

  • National Safety Month
  • Men’s Health Month
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month
  • Dairy Month

Content Ideas

Pictures and more pictures! What’s growing on the farm? Show it in the field, after harvest and on display at the market.

Video! Don’t shy away from videos. I love what Butler’s Orchard is doing with their weekly field updates. Show people what’s happening on the farm and give them a behind the scenes look.

Recipes!! Everyone needs ideas on what to make for dinner. Share your favorite recipes using ingredients you grow and sell.

You! It’s ok to talk about yourself. People want to connect with the people behind the brands. So get out there and strut your stuff and show off the talented staff, partners, vendors, and other people you work with.

Free Instagram Posts

Download this free set of instagram posts and feel free to use them on your social media. Or, just use the quotes as captions on posts with pictures from your own farm! Scroll down to see all the Instagram posts and save the images directly to your phone/computer.

Social Media Marketing Calendar

Download this free calendar template to help you plan and organize your social media marketing efforts.

Now get out there and #beamazing!!

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