How to advance your personal development in a PR agency

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To get the most out of a Personal Development Plan, my advice is to focus on the first ā€˜Pā€™ in PDP. As individuals, each of us has unique strengths and development areas. Whatā€™s right for one person, isnā€™t necessarily right for everyone else.

If you truly want to progress in your role, you must be prepared to acknowledge the areas where thereā€™s room for improvement. Even though that might seem like a daunting challenge.

For me, that was admitting I harbour an irrational fear of presenting. My safe place has always been hiding behind the written word. Itā€™s where Iā€™m most comfortable.

However, I decided to address an issue that is both frustrating and self-limiting in my annual review.

Knowing that the request for support would be met without judgement certainly made it easier to tackle. Through this experience, Iā€™ve discovered that admitting your weaker areas can be empowering. It opens avenues to proactively address a specific problem.

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