Friday Introduction: Amy France of France Family Farms in Kansas

You know how sometimes you meet a new person and instantly you feel like they’re been in your life forever? That’s how it was with Amy France. We got to know each other through the American Farm Bureau’s Partners in Advocacy Leadership (PAL) program. The connection was instant…first, we had a lot in common: we’re both hilarious, neither of us grew up on farms but ended up in the world of agriculture, and we’re both just trying to figure out how to balance and enjoy each and every day.

Amy and her husband live in Western Kansas and operate France Family Farms. They grow wheat, milo, corn, soybeans and have cattle. Amy says her goal as a farming family is, “to demonstrate to our children how important it is to be better farmers, not bigger farmers.” Amy’s parents were music educators and she got into agriculture as an adult when she met her husband, fell in love, and ended up diving head first into a whole new world.┬á

And Amy has stood up to the challenge, taking every opportunity to learn as much as she can about farming. She’s also used this new challenge as a way to grow herself and her own voice. She doesn’t just speak for her own farm, Amy is an advocate for all of agriculture.

I have this thing when I hear a song that I really love, I won’t tell anyone about it because I want to keep it for myself. Amy’s a little bit like that…but the truth is she’s too amazing not to share. So, here she is and here’s our interview:┬á

What is your go-to Bible verse to refresh your spirit?

As a Mom of girls, I am constantly wanting them to know their worth and that it doesn’t come from others but from their Heavenly Father.┬áSo for my girls, I love the verse Psalm 46:5: God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day!┬á

And for me personally, there are days I can get pretty discouraged and often times it is self-inflicted. I have to remind myself of this: “…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”┬á Philippians 1:6

What’s your favorite song?

That is literally impossible.┬áI live and breathe music.┬áI’ve said before that the soundtrack to my life will be the most diverse album yet.┬áI truly love nearly every genre, heavy metal would probably be my least favorite, but still don’t hate it.┬áRight now I’m listening to Willow Weep For Me a jazz tune, anything James Taylor, all The Beatle’s albums (still coming down from our UK trip) and a favorite Christian pick-me-up is A Little More Jesus by Erica Campbell.┬áOf course, as I type those a dozen more come time mind (like Champagne Problems by Meghan Trainor), but I’ll leave it at that!

Sweet or Salty?

I really like that combo.┬áMy favorite grab and go snack is trail mix.┬áI’m pretty picky though and will only buy the bags with the windows in them so I can make sure the M&M, nut and raisin ratios are correct.┬áToo many raisins or if the raisins are too big, it’s a no-go!┬áSnack weakness, chips and salsa and brownies, for sure!

What’s your best piece of marketing advice?

I think just being YOU!┬áPeople want to know that what they see is authentic.┬áBeing a part of the agriculture world, I believe, gives us a real opportunity to be straightforward with the public.┬áIt may not always be pretty, but it’s real.┬á┬á

Tell us something we don’t know!

Back in my daydreaming high school days, a friend that was an amazing artist and I were going to live in downtown Chicago and live the life!┬áShe was going to paint for a living and I was going to sing.┬áOh and farming was NEVER on the radar!┬áBut wouldn’t trade it for the world now!

Follow Amy’s Blog about Faith, Family & Farming and follow France Family Farms on Facebook. You should also check out this great episode of Rural Women Inspired with Amy and Mindy Young.



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