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The Agri-Food Comms Cast was first broadcast on Earth Day 2022, and delves into the opportunity for businesses to engage more proactively with the environment.

In episode three, season four of the podcast, our host, Catherine Linch, is joined by founder of Sustainability Impact Agency, betternotstop, Hannah Cox, who is also a B-Corp Ambassador and B Leader.

They are joined in conversation with inspirational business woman Carmen Oā€™Neal, founder of gin producers, 58 and Co, a Certified B Corporation.

The B Corporation Movement is a certification open to ā€˜for profitā€™ companies to undergo a rigorous assessment to show they meet high social and environmental standards, along with transparency and accountability.

Becoming a B-Corp is proven to have a positive impact on business and staff teams, as well as benefiting the environment and wider society.

In the podcast, we ask why businesses choose this path, and how to make the transition authentically ā€“ and importantly, avoid ā€˜greenwashingā€™. Ā We also explore the communications opportunities for improving internal engagement and how brands can add value and improve customer perception and loyalty.

As a team, Pinstone are excited to begin their B-Corp journey, and look forward to the proactive and positive impact the team can have on society and the climate.

Source: www.pinstone.co.uk

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