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Guest blog from Rebecca Fearon, Meat Business Women membership marketing manager

Online meetings, webinars and the virtual workplace has become second nature to most of us since the pandemic.

While working in the virtual world has opened up a massive range of new opportunities for member organisations like Meat Business Women, such as online masterclasses, global conferences and mentoring, we also know all too well about virtual burnout and the curse of the dreaded hour-and-a-half-long webinar!

So how do you engage people time and time again to attend virtual events and connect over Zoom? Particularly when work commitments drop into the diary last-minute. In one respect it’s easier to get your audience to register for a virtual event, but it’s also a lot harder to get them to attend as they can simply be cancelled at the click of a button.

The Meat Business Women community is made up of women across the globe and relies on opportunities to network globally. We work with our territory partners in Australia and New Zealand to deliver expert speakers and content that’s super relevant to the industry and to our members personal development, which is a key consideration during any virtual event.


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