Content Is King And Why You Should Care

Content is king, and it was given its kingly status in 1996 when Bill Gates first coined the term in an article. He stated that content was where the money was; without content, your online marketing wouldn’t go very far.Ā 

It’s been 26 years since Mr. Gates put content on a pedestal, and it still firmly sits on its throne today.Ā 

Without content, you wouldn’t be able to connect with your customers, and there would be no way of showing them how amazing your agricultural products and services are.Ā 

Content and content marketing focus on your audience and your potential clients. It highlights how you can help them and nurtures your relationship so you can successfully capture them as a customer.Ā 

Today, we’re going to show you why content marketing is necessary, how it’s so successful and why it still deserves the title of ‘king of marketing’.

Why is content king?Ā 

Many marketers will argue over what the most essential part of a website or your online presence is. But, we’re pretty set on believing that content is the most vital aspect of your entire online existence.Ā 

Without content, you’d be lost – literally.Ā 

If you had no content on your website, Google and your audience wouldn’t be able to find you.Ā 

Content is there to help you connect with your potential clients and encourage them to check out what you have to offer.

90% of consumers expect brands to have content on their websites. They expect you to provide them with valuable information – don’t let your audience down!

That’s just a taste of why content is king. To help you get a better idea of why you should invest in content, check out these four reasons why content is truly the king of the marketing world.Ā 

1.Ā  Content builds relationships with customers

Great content on your website will help you build a strong relationship with your customers. The stronger this relationship becomes, the more likely they’ll decide to work with you or continue working with you.Ā 

People like to work with trustworthy businesses. So if you develop a relationship with your audience through valuable and exciting content, they’ll be more likely to convert.Ā 

High-quality content that offers your clients value will also improve your online reputation and enhance your credibility as an agricultural business.Ā 

For example, let’s say you post a video explaining how to maintain a specific piece of equipment. When your potential clients watch this, they’re putting a face to the name. They’re connecting with you, learning something valuable, and realizing there’s a real person behind the logo.Ā 

By improving your reputation and keeping your customers happy with a supply of high-quality and exciting content, you’ll also be able to gain repeat customers.Ā 

What kind of content improves your customer relationships?

There are many different types of content out there, but some are better at improving relationships than others.Ā 

Here is the best type of content for improving customer relationships:

  • Step-by-stepĀ 
  • How-to guides
  • Visual content like informative videos
  • Personal content, including behind-the-scenes and progress pictures
  • Entertaining blogs with educational valueĀ 
  • Content that is authentically you
  • Content that includes your clients and staff

Always post relevant content. There’s no point in posting content that has nothing to do with your business. If you start posting random content, your company might end up losing out on customers instead of gaining more high-quality leads.Ā 

2.Ā  Content improves brand recognition

If you create good content for your business, you’ll be able to position yourself as a trusted and reliable company online. The more you post and engage with your audience, the easier your brand will be recognized.Ā 

By continuously posting high-quality content online, word will spread quickly about the unique agricultural services and products you offer your clients.Ā 

What kind of content boosts brand recognition?

All kinds of content will help you build an online reputation, but by being consistent, you’ll secure more and more business.Ā 

If you post regularly and keep the quality consistent, you’ll spread more awareness about your brand. Try to keep your content entertaining, too, so your audience will stay engaged longer.Ā 

‘I can’t afford high-quality content!’Ā 

When we talk about high-quality content, we don’t mean you have to hire a team of experts for every piece you upload!Ā 

For example, you can post high-quality, informative content to your social media with a smartphone.Ā 

Most smartphones have awesome cameras these days, so it’s actually relatively easy to keep your social media updated with posts.Ā 

3.Ā  Content improves your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for your website’s online success, and content is one secure way to improve your SEO and get your site to the top of the search results.Ā 

By uploading new content regularly and making sure it’s relevant and exciting, you’ll be able to enhance your SEO easily!Ā 

If you don’t have any content, your website won’t have an opportunity to rank high on the search results. If you don’t rank for relevant keywords, nobody will be able to find you and your fantastic services online.Ā 

Improve your SEO by posting valuable, keyword-rich content. This will also enhance local traffic and attract more interested leads.Ā 

Another great place to upload content is your Google Business Profile. By uploading content here, you’ll improve your SEO and show Google that you’re the right company to highlight for relevant searches.

4.Ā  Content influences conversions

You’ll attract more interested leads with premium content on your website and social media. Plus, with a good CTA (call to action), you can convert these leads into paying clients – simple as that!

96% of marketers
say that content marketing has been effective for their brand. The more effective your content marketing is, the more leads you get.Ā 

The best content to use to improve conversions includes:

  • Reviews and feedback
  • Video testimonialsĀ 
  • Highlight your expertise
  • Irresistible CTAs
  • Posting about your projects or latest work
  • Video how-tos for agricultural equipmentĀ 

Don’t forget to engage with any comments and shares on your content. By talking to your audience on social media, you’ll be able to improve the chance they’ll convert even more.Ā 

Our team has a lot of experience helping agricultural companies improve their presence online, and we believe that content is key to enhancing your visibility online.Ā 

If you’re looking for some expert help when it comes to content, then our team has been there before. We’ll help you get the results you deserve from your content marketing and put your agricultural business on top.Ā 

Get in touch with our team today.


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