Book vs social ā€“ conquering the town and country divide

The Agri-Food Comms Cast is back with a bang! In the first episode of season four, Catherine Linch delves into the role of different communication platforms, from the ultimate ā€˜long formā€™ book to the fast-paced world of social media. In particular, we explore how food and farming topics can present a challenging dialogue between town and country.

Our first guest, journalist, broadcaster, founder of Just Farmers Media Portal and Nuffield Farming Scholar, Anna Jones, joins Catherine to introduce her brand-new book ā€˜Divide: The Relationship Between Town and Countryā€™.

With the current climate of polarised attitudes to food and farming, itā€™s easy to have an ā€˜us and themā€™ mentality, but Annaā€™s book aims to break this mindset by demonstrating how both communities have an opportunity to come together for good. This thought-provoking topic encourages us all to find common ground with each other so that we can reap the benefits, socially, politically, and culturally.

We also hear from agri-media professional Emily Davies, who describes herself as a digital storyteller and provides valuable insight on the power and the pitfalls of social media for propelling stories and comms strategies to a wider audience.

This fast-paced comms channel has proven beneficial for many brands seeking to build awareness, but the episode importantly touches on the issues social media users need to be aware of when consuming content on social platforms including biased algorithms and lack of accountability.


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