AHDB’s Shape the Future Ballot

The Agri-Food Comms Cast delves into the value of ‘asking the audience’ and the approach behind the AHDB’s Shape the Future ballot.

In episode two of season four of the podcast, our host Catherine Linch is joined by Roseanne Thomas, Director of Communications at AHDB.

The Shape the Future ballot provides the opportunity for 100,000 farmers and growers in the UK to have their say and influence where funding is directed.

While knowing your audience and using market research is a staple for the comms industry, It’s the first time in its history that the levy board has ever taken this approach.

We ask if it’s a change that’s needed to AHDB’s activities; or is it more the case that they need to do a better job of reaching out to raise awareness and make what they do more accessible to those that fund them.

We also challenge Roseanne on how the AHDB intends to roll out the findings from the ballot once the results are in.

The Shape the Future ballot intends to help AHDB glean insight into the needs of farmers and growers and aid funding decisions going forward.

Source: www.pinstone.co.uk

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